Cheesecake, mmmmm…..

Ok I’m not even going to go on about how busy life is etc, suffice to say it had been very busy for the past few months, particularly as we were here, there and everywhere. Things are slowly settling into more of a routine and the toddler has started nursery (!) so that means more time to blog yay!

Seeing as I’ve not posted anything food related for a while I thought I’d start with a gorgeous Oreo cheesecake that the munchkin and I made. We followed this recipe by our talented cousin, which is over on her blog, seeing as she did a brilliant job of writing up the recipe, I’m not going to bore you all by repeating it :-). But I will put up a photo of the finished product…

This is a lovely cheesecake, and seeing as I’m rather addicted to Oreos, their addition just makes it even better. It’s also a very simple recipe to follow and make so great for little people to help out with! My daughter loved breaking the Oreos and mixing everything together and of course there is always the anticipation of when it’s ready to come out of the fridge!

Babies and tea parties…

Wow it’s been over a month since I last blogged! Since then we have welcomed the newest addition into our family, a beautiful boy ( I never understood why people called boys beautiful, but I totally get it now!). I have ALOT of creative loveliness to blog about, most of it being the amazing presents given to us when the munchkin was born, (which we are soooo grateful for!). In fact I feel another baby week coming up! However in the mean time how about a tea party? A baby shower tea party to be precise. My sister in law is also expecting a bundle of joy and for her baby shower she had a tea party theme, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Pom poms and paper honeycombs where hung above the table

Tea cups, saucers and teapots where hired from and the dish ran away with the spoon , They went perfectly with the theme!

One of the cake stands we had, I had to photograph all the individual tiers before I put it together!

Of course no tea party can be called a tea party unless scones are served along side clotted cream and jam of course!

Between us we had all sorts of bits and bobs to use as props to go with the theme. The frame above was one I had bought an never actually used, it was perfect to hold the menu! The stand it’s on is actually a jewellery box I bought just before my wedding (Four years ago!) again it goes with the theme perfectly. Make sure you keep an open mind when planning stuff like this, you never know where you will find inspiration!

Again this vintage style case was a wedding present, it was a perfect way of adding some height to the layout. The shop bought mini meringues where absolutely delicious!

The cakes were also ordered from and the dish ran away from the spoon, we had a raspberry and orange victoria sponge, chocolate crunchy cake and a lemon drizzle cake. They were all spot on!! The cakes were delicious and frostings and fillings where perfect!  (There was no chance that my sister in law or myself were going to do any baking, it was definitely the right choice!)

My sister in law had these mason jars, just right for serving lemonade in, the stripey straws add the perfect touch! The whole afternoon was lovely full of good food and good company. Also when you can’t make everything yourself it is worth while sourcing some independent bakers and producers to get high quality goods.

I’ve just realised I’ve used the word “perfect” way to much in this blog post. I have also realised that I didn’t take a picture of the full table :(. However my sister did a blog/vlog about it, you can go and check it out. I’m going to do a post on the invitations separately, which we made ourselves so keep an eye out for that. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures!


Umrah Mubarak cake

A few weeks ago my uncle and his family performed the “Umrah” trip, the lesser pilgrimage muslims perform in Makkah/ Medinah. It’s a pretty life changing trip, so on their return we had a small family get together to welcome them back. I was staying at my mums that day so my sister made a cake and I decorated it.

I made the bunting, I’m still undecided if I’m a 100% happy with it or not. I wanted to make it a bit occasion-y, so I added the silver beaded trim, however I’m not sure I like the way it has turned out. The words “Umrah Mubarak” literally mean “blessed umrah” as in “hope you had a…” or “have a…”. I simply topped the cake with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, blueberries and some quartered flakes. It was filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam.

I seem to have lost my cake making mojo, I don’t really feel like eating cake nor do I feel like baking it nowadays. That’s why I haven’t really been posting any cake related posts as of late. Maybe it will change maybe not but for now you most likely won’t be seeing any cakes/cupcakes around here.


It was Eid

Yeh so this week it was Eid-ul-Adha. The second of the two main muslim celebrations. I know I didn’t make anyway near a big a fuss of this Eid than I did last Eid (check out all the posts here!) . I think I just wasn’t in the mood I guess. I think as my daughter gets older I probably will because it’s an exciting time for children. For now however it was a simple affair, with good food and family…which sometimes is all that you need.

I made a chocolate gateaux, a chocolate sponge filled with fresh cream and raspberry jam, topped with chocolate frosting and white chocolate curls. I just kept it simple, I think the contrast of the white chocolate against the brown frosting was enough.

Chocolate cake recipe

How to make chocolate curls

More strawberries

Our strawberry plants are finally slowing down production, for a week or so we were picking strawberries every day! So a few weekends ago I made a joint birthday cake for my brother and sister in law and guess what I decorated it with? Yup strawberries and of course chocolate!

I made a three layer chocolate cake, filled with milk chocolate ganache. It was covered with whipped cream, coated with chocolate sprinkles and flaked almonds on the side, topped off with a big pile of strawberries and mini flakes and chocolate name discs. This was one tall cake… it barely just fitted in the fridge. Also thank God for chocolate sprinkles and flaked almonds…They did a brilliant job of hiding my horrendous cream spreading! (only because I didn’t have enough cream left!).

To make the chocolate discs I used a medium silicone cupcake mould. I poured some melted chocolate at the bottom of it, then used letter sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles to embellish it with. Leave in the fridge to set and there you go, chocolate name discs!

Lovely cake and lovely company

A few weekends ago, Nusaybah (my sister in law) and I had the pleasure of meeting Amira of Amira made. Nusaybah, (a brilliant baker might I say) is providing the baked delights on Amira’s big day (a very talented photographer and all-round design genus herself!), I tagged along to provide general style advice, and decorating hints and tips.  And so it was we went along armed with freshly baked cakes for a wedding cake taster session. To be perfectly frank with you readers, I think we got a little over excited from the cakes, bunting, cherries (oh the cherries!), and the general satisfaction that comes from seeing things come together, better than originally planned. It isn’t my place to give too much away, but here is a sneak peak (all photos courtesy of Amira)

P.S. In case your wondering what or whom is “Sweet Remedy” well then watch this space!

Strawberry jam and coconut cake

It’s very rare that you will see pictures of me in this blog… (here’s the only other post that has my hands in). Mainly that’s because I like to take the pictures, particularly if I have a certain image in my mind of how I want the photo to turn out. Also it’s a tiny bit because when somebody else is taking the pictures of something my hands are itching to grab the camera from them and do it myself! Anyway here’s some pictures of my hand finishing of a strawberry jam and coconut cake, at my mums’ house. My sister took the pictures and she also blogged about it here on her own blog, do check it out.

Smartie cake

I may have mentioned my slight obsession of decorating cakes with sweets (here and here ), well here’s another post. This one was perhaps my first attempt, so this photo is from a while ago, looking at it now I would have probably styled it with some colour. hey ho thus is the power of hindsight. I made this cake for one of my husbands work colleagues who had just had a baby boy, a simple sponge with a jam and whipped cream filling topped with a small amount of frosting to hold the smarties in place…A cute idea for a children’s party. You could also use M and Ms, Skittles, Minstrels ooooo lots of ideas….

Lemon and poppy seed cake

 Maybe you missed me last week, or perhaps you missed the posts rather than me… or maybe you didn’t miss either. There was a technical glitch meaning I couldn’t attach pictures to the posts (After all what is a post without pictures!), but thank God that’s sorted out, I missed blogging!! Anyway thought I would post a recipe seeing as I haven’t for a while enjoy!

I love the zinginess of the lemon and the crunch of the poppy seed in this cake, of course you can adjust the amount of both ingredients to suit you own taste


8oz of margarine/butter/your chosen fat of choice

8oz of caster sugar

8oz of  self raising flour

4 eggs

3 heaped Tbsp of poppy seeds

Zest of one lemon

For the lemon syrup

100ml of water

Juice of two lemons

3 Tbsp of icing sugar


  • Preheat the oven to 180c/gas mark 4/350f and prepare your baking tin
  • Cream the margarine and sugar together until pale and fluffy
  • Mix in the lemon zest and poppy seeds.
  • Add two of the eggs into the mixture, mix well
  • Add about a third of the flour, mix well
  • Add the remaining two eggs, mix well
  • Add another third of the flour and fold in with a wooden spoon
  • Finally add the remaining flour and fold it in carefully
  • Pour the mixture into the baking tin and cook for about 30-45 mins, until the cake is golden brown, or until a skewer comes away clean when poked through the centre.
  • While the cake is in the oven make the syrup. Place the ingredients in a pan and cook on a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved, the amount of sugar can be adjusted according to your taste
  • When the cake is done, poke holes in the cake with a toothpick and spoon over the syrup evenly. Make sure to do this while the cake is still hot as it will absorb the syrup better.
  • Enjoy :-)


  • Some may find the amount of poppy seeds too much, I recommend adding them a tablespoon at a time so you avoid putting too much in, conversely you may add more if that’s what takes your fancy!
  • Again the same goes with the lemon syrup it’s quite lemony so you may only want to add half.
  • A nice finishing touch for this cake would be a lemon drizzle.
  • Remember don’t fill the baking tin to the top as the cake will rise, about two thirds of the way up the tin is fine. Don’t worry if you have batter left over you can always make cupcakes or another cake.

Cake in a jar

I’ve wanted to give this a go for a while ( yes it was on my never ending list of “ooo i’ll have to give that a go”), as usual I had seen a quite a few takes on it on the internet. Also I thought it would make a really good gift idea, so wanted to test run it to see how it turned out. It turned out really good! All you do is basically find an ovenproof GLASS jar (as you can tell I used Bonne Maman jam jars simply because I have quite a few of them lying around). Mix the cake batter as usual (recipe) pour some into your glass jar, I did it to just under the half way mark. Remember though the mixture will increase by about 50% and you may want to leave room for decoration. place the jars on a flat baking sheet so it’s easier to remove from the oven and cook as usual!

The valentines day type styling was fairly intentional, although my husband and I are of the “everyday should be valentines”, “it’s just a load of commercial hype” genre, I thought it would be kinda cute to style them that way. Although they would make really cute valentines day presents…Maybe you could secretly put one in your partners work bag for them to find during the day!