Crafty idea #22

A super quick post today. A quick crafty idea that would make an ideal gift. My sister gave this to us on Eid, It’s a CD with pictures of our daughter on from since she was born. It was lovely looking through the photos together and it brought back lots of fond memories of her growing up in the past few years. It did indeed make us smile :-)

My husband suggested you could also do it on a USB, you could add annotations to the photos, do a slideshow, add music, pictures whatever you like!

Crafty idea #20

Today’s another one of the presents I made for my husbands 30th birthday. This one was one of those ideas that are really super cute and look good on display, but really other than that have no purpose heehee. I used another jar (same as this one here) and filled it with origami hearts. The type of hearts I made are called “lucky hearts” and a quick search in youtube will bring up plenty of how-to-videos, they are actually surprisingly easy to make once you’ve tried it a few times.

I used a few different shades of pink and red to add variety, other ideas you could do is to layer different colours up in a tall jar, perhaps rainbow coloured? or two toned stripes? Add cute hand written label, tied with a ribbon and your done!! A cute present for your loved one!

P.s. This British weather is killing my photos! They’re turning out all shadowy, which no amount of editing can get rid of

P.s.s check out the previous crafty ideas if your interested in the other presents I made for my husbands 30th birthday

Crafty idea #19

It’s another one of the presents from my husbands 30 presents today (here are the first and second ideas). I really like this idea because it’s completely customisable, there are limitless possibilities and it’s a cute and quirky item! I am talking about handmade vouchers, for pretty much anything you want to do them for.

I did a chicken meal voucher (because fried chicken is his favourite!) and a body massage ( because who doesn’t enjoy a massage!?). Both vouchers were slightly different in style, on different colour paper and I added cute little design touches to make them feel more “voucher” like. I cut them out using zig zag scissors to make them look authentic, used dotted lines for the name and “gift” as well as around the outside. A little scissors shows you where to cut (along the dotted line of course!) and a voucher wouldn’t be complete without terms and conditions!

As you can see my handwriting is absolutely horrendous, so I’m sure you can do much better! Also these vouchers can be given to anyone you like have fun with them!

Crafty idea #18

And before I knew it, it had been nearly two weeks since I last blogged. Yikes.  My only excuses are having a toddler and the accompanying tiredness that comes part and parcel of said toddler. Meaning that when my nearly two year old is asleep instead of blogging/creating the only thing I want to do is to stay cuddled up beside her and nod off, in fact sometimes I fall asleep before she does. True story. Anyway I’m going to try to blog twice a week, I think if I set myself a target and make that target public I am more likely to do it!

Today I’m going to share another one of the presents I made for my husbands 30th birthday, (here’s the first one in case you missed it).

This was one of the first things I made, it was very simply and quick to do, perfect if your new to embroidery. I simply embroidered 30 kisses onto some felt and framed it in a hoop. I used felt because it is super easy to stitch on and it doesn’t fray at all. You may also find it helpful to mark out the placement of your kisses first, as it is a very simple design it is easy to spot a mistake! so make sure the rows and columns are straight.

On the back I simply made a tiny label and stitched it on. I will be making a tutorial in the near future of how to frame embroidery pieces in hoops. Simply because it is a little more than just gluing the fabric in, as over time the fabric loosens it needs to be properly tightened with lots of stitches. So look out for that!

Again you could totally customise this, using whichever colours you want, you don’t even have to do a square grid it could be a circle, heart and shape, or even just randomly placed kisses!

Crafty idea #17

So just over a week ago it was my husbands 30th birthday…Suffice to say I had been planning this one for a while (read: months) I had the genius idea that I would buy him 30 presents. Yes 30. It started off really fun, thinking of ideas and making a list, it was still fun when I started to buy them…However when it was the week before his birthday and I still hadn’t bought 30, nor had I even thought about the wrapping I started to panic. In the end however it worked out fine…even though it ended up being 29…but it’s the thought that counts right! I decided to make some handmade ones so I will be sharing them with you. These would also make ideal valentines day presents if you’re so inclined, or any other day of the year presents.

So the first one I’m going to share is the “30 things I love about you” jar. I used 30 because it was my husband’s 30th but you could use whatever number is relevant. This was a pretty straight forward idea, I wrote down 30 things that I love about my husband on separate little heart papers, folded them up, and put them in a cute little decorated jar.

If your thinking of doing this, a good idea would be to make a list first of the things you are going to write. It can be an ongoing list which you can add to or takeaway as you please. You could also do this for any relation it doesn’t have to be for your partner it could be mum, dad, sister, brother, best friend, grandparent…

Crafty finds: Some painted love

I cannot believe how overdue this post, is almost 3 months over due. I wanted to get the photos  just right, I could’t picture the background I wanted to use, or props. Usually I see an item and then the photo pops into my head but this had me flummoxed. In the end I realised it didn’t really need anything, the item itself is enough, I just used my powder blue trunk as a background and took the picture. Simple. no props, no nothing. Because truth be told Claire Witzs’ work doesn’t need anything else to make it shine or look good!

Back in June (yes I know June) I started thinking about what to get for my husband on our third anniversary (which is at the end of July), I always try to either make something myself or buy something handmade. Then I remembered I had intended to buy something from Painted with Love for a while, so I thought this was my chance. It was around that time when we had moved back to Manchester from swindon because we had found out my husband had got a new job in Riyadh. So inspired by Claire’s wooden chunky hearts, I wanted something to represent where we had been living for the first three years of our marriage and where we were headed to. This is where Claire came in, we bounced ideas back and forth, and she was brilliant in helping me come up with the perfect gift…

I love it! One heart for Swindon, one for Riyadh. The slightly shabby chic look is perfect and who doesn’t love abit of vintage map?! I love Claire’s style and will definitely be ordering more stuff from her in the future, also she was a pleasure to work with!

p.s. Do check out her Facebook page too

p.s.s. In case your wondering we’ve not moved to Saudi yet! Still in good ol’ England!

Crafty Idea #16

I know I haven’t blogged for a week or so. Here I am though, with a crafty idea for you all :-). I gave this canvas to my husband and daughter as an eid present… it was pretty expensive so it was a joint present heehee. I absolutely love hand shots and a photo with both my husbands and daughters hand in… well I think I could stare at it all day. I bought it via Photobox. I have used them previously to make a photo book of my daughters first year photos (more on that coming soon). It’s a simple enough site to use and they always have great offers on which is definitely handy when you need a last minute present! Photo gifts are great if your new to this “being creative” malarkey as they allow you to be creative whilst still giving you some guidelines and assistance. Conversely, if you like total free reign then you can do that too…

The small canvas to the left of the hand photo is a hand embroidered piece I made for my husband (read about it here). The plaque on the right is one I bought from Claire of painted with love (more on that as soon as I get back to the UK…I need to take a picture of it!)

Crafty Find: In My Studio

So this post is slightly delayed, I was supposed to do it during the Eid season. But hey better late than never right?

A couple of months ago I came across the blog “In my studio”. I love it. I loved the design, the photo’s, the craft/handmade aspect to it, the baking part of it, pretty much all of it. I then discovered the blogger behind it (Iva Izman) also has an etsy shop, I was even more in love, and knew I had to buy something from here, some how or another.

So I decided to buy an Eid present for my sister in law from there, seeing as she had recently redecorated her room. As it was a last minute purchase (a few days before Eid) I couldn’t really afford to wait for it to arrive in the post. So I opted for the PDF file format which you print out yourself. I chose to print it on card, and then bought a coordinating frame to finish it off nicely. The PDF was brilliant quality and is an excellent option to have for customers wanting to print the posters off themselves.

 For Eid day I also downloaded the Eid banner printable, to add abit of Eid spirit to the house. I chose to tie the triangles with coordinated ribbon in a bow, adding an extra decorative touch. Everybody was impressed with how they turned out and it was pretty quick and easy to make. Plus you can re-use the bunting next Eid!

Definitely check out the blog and shop for more amazing home decor ideas and recipes, I for one have added it to my blog list!

Crafty idea #13

When our little munchkin was born, we wanted something different for the birth announcement. My mum had already decided she wanted to give out chocolates, so that sorted out the “what to give?” question. But the real dilemma was “How to present it”. After much deliberation and some online research we decided on these cute “Chinese takeaway “ style boxes, (which are easily available on eBay). To personalise them we used a pretty printed paper (we did have a girl after all!), a simple label made using Word and of course some pink buttons.  In each box we placed a small amount of shredded tissue paper and placed an assortment of chocolates in.  You also need a handful of willing volunteers (or a sister!) to help out, once you get an assembly line going it’s actually quite an enjoyable project.

Crafty Idea #10

If you follow me on facebook you may have seen this picture posted on my personal wall (It was entered into a competition, didn’t win :-( ). I really desperately needed a new keyring and I wanted to have a bash at making one, I just couldn’t think of which route to go down. But then I remembered two separate blog posts that I had seen and it just clicked, I’ll make a tassel keyring…

The original idea came from here and the tassel tutorial which I used was from here. A super duper quick diy, which is beautiful as well as functional! Now what else can I stick some tassels on…