Eid catch up…

Oh gosh does it feel good to be blogging again! I missed blogging a lot, I mean A LOT, on somedays between pregnancy, looking after a toddler and everything else that life brings blogging was what kept me sane. It was something that I did just for me, because I enjoy doing it, Oh yes I missed it a lot…

I was particularly gutted not be able to post through Ramadaan/Eid, In some ways it was a blessing, as it gave me more time to focus on the spiritual side of things. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram would have seen bits of our Eid crafts and wrapping ideas, Today I will be doing a few re-cap posts for my blog readers (If I still have any left!). First off my Eid presents! I think I mentioned this somewhere before, but honestly I really could spend all day wrapping presents! There’s something about getting the perfectly wrapped present that is just so satisfying (I don’t care if it makes me sound totally sad :P)… Here’s the photos (Via iPhone/instagram)

I love how some coordinated ribbons bring an average wrapping paper to life! You don’t even have to splash out loads on ribbon, just use what you already have at home!

Of course you can always splash out for those special presents. I love the above wrapping paper which was bought from (Smart ark).

You can match the wrapping paper to the presents or the personality of the recipient…

For odd shaped presents, or lots of smaller presents you can always use a nice gift box, wrapped in ribbon.

However you simply can’t go wrong with craft paper, there are so many ways you can go with this stuff, I think if you and to invest in one thing for your presents it would be a roll of craft paper!

Snail Mail: The Giveaway

Of course I had to add a creative touch to the giveaway prize and of course I had to do a post on it :-) (congratulations again Aisha Sidyot!).

I went with a hot pink and blue theme for the wrapping of the items. I thought it would be fun to make lots of different parcels, cause I know I would enjoy opening lots of them as opposed to just one! I tried out a few different ideas, using wool, buttons, printed paper, I kept it fairly simple as I think the contrast is enough on its own without having to add too much to it.

For the outside of the packaging I drew on a floral design and added some butterflies cut out of washi tape, simple!  

Eid left overs

I didn’t anticipate what a busy week it was going to be last week! (you know wrapping presents, baking, visiting family, eating lots of food, opening presents etc) I hadn’t even finished posting all the Eid ideas I had planned. So the next few posts will be “Eid leftovers” so to speak!

I don’t know about anybody else but I always find it hard to find/wrap presents for men. So for the above present I thought I would use an old A-Z road map to wrap my brother in laws present with. (incidentally it kind of goes with his present which was some bicycle tools ). I love the final effect and will definitely be using this idea again, particularly as noone has any need for the A-Z anymore!

The above present was finished off with some velvet ribbon and an artificial flower (which I think I had kept from a wedding), a lovely way of finishing off the present.

I know alot of people prefer to give money as Eid presents, particularly if they have alot of people to give gifts too! A nice way of doing so is to put it in an envelope and decorate the envelope however you like. I hand drew the above design, but you can use stickers, stamps, get the kids to decorate them or even print some designs off. Another ideas is to find an envelope template from the internet and make up your own envelopes with some nice printed paper.

Hope everyone who was celebrating had a great day, you may not be able to use these ideas this year but keep them in mind for next year!

Eid ideas #4

Some more gold, quite a different look than the previous post. This time I used the red and blue theme from one of the trimmings.You can also use wool in place of the ribbon, it adds some texture and everyone has some wool lying around somewhere at home! For the above present I also made a tassel to finish it off (look here to find out how to make them) A super simple way to add that something different to the present.

I also used a cute fabric flower with a gold button centre as an accent. My sister is abit obsessed with making these at the moment so I asked her to make a red one for me, a lovely touch. If you can’t make them then look out for videos on youtube, they are pretty simple and involve minimal sewing!

Eid Ideas #3

Some more presents today! This time we’re going alot more glitzy with gold wrapping paper. A very different look and feel to the craft paper ideas (here and here)

For these presents I actually used trimmings that my dad bought me from Pakistan a few years ago. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a relative going to Pakistan(!) you can easily get similar trimmings and ribbons from any Pakistani/Indian haberdashery store.

For the larger present I also used a large flower brooch, it went perfectly with the trim and added the perfect finishing touch to the present. If you have lots of small presents or presents that are an awkward shape a good tip is to put them in a box and then wrap them. After all it is much easier to wrap a square/rectangular box than a non-descript shape with lots of odd angles!!

Some more gold gift ideas coming up later today so keep an eye out!

Eid ideas #2

Today i’ve got another “creative way to wrap your presents” post. Again this one’s using craft paper, but is a completely different style to the first post (which you can find here If you’ve not seen it).

I went for a red/black/ white colour combination this time, I’m not really keen this colour combination in clothes/interiors but with the presents it really stands out!

For this one I used a brooch as a finishing touch, it adds abit of sparkle as well as being an extra present for the recipient.

Again buttons are a simple way to embellish the buttons. Ribbons can be used in so much different ways, you don’t have to do the typical cross design , use your imagination! Also you can use co-ordinating tissue paper to go with your theme as I have done with the black present on the left above.

I used a doily to go with this theme too, I love the contrast of the thin black ribbon on the red tissue paper.

I used a different type of washi tape in the middle of this present then also wrapped ribbon and  silver pipe cleaners to add different textures. Hope You’ve got some ideas, look out for some more coming up soon !

Eid idea #1

So to mark the end of Ramadan (more info here) we celebrate Eid, which to be honest is pretty much like any other major celebration of any faith. Lots of food, friends and presents. I’ve got quite a few different Eid ideas for you guys coming up, including a series on different creative ways to wrap all those presents! Today i’m bringing you the first “creative ways to wrap presents post” (I haven’t thought of a name yet…). Once you choose a theme or colour combination, it really is upto you what you do!

I love craft paper it really is so versatile, when wrapping presents with it you can use any other colour to accessorise. In these photos I went for a pink/blue and white combination…love the way they’ve turned out!!

For this one I simple wrapped a thin ribbon around the gift several times, added some lace and a coordinating button. A glue gun is a very handy tool to have on hand, it’s perfect for sticking buttons/bows and anything else you can get your hands on!

I’ve always loved the idea of using doilies in gift wrapping, a cute bow adds the perfect finishing touch.

For the bottom present I used Washi tape which is much easier to use if your not so confident with ribbon! Adding ready made bows is also an easy way of finishing of a present. For the middle present I used a vintage belt buckle that I’ve had lying around for ages. Again adding buttons is also a great and cheap way of adding something extra to presents.

Hope this post inspired you! There’s plenty more gift wrapping posts coming up, so keep an eye out!

Crafty idea #12

Most blankets don’t really come gift wrapped or wrapped at all, so when I bought this gorgeous hand crocheted blanket for a new arrival in our family, I needed to think of a crafty way of wrapping it. I have plenty of ribbon and I have an unhealthy obsession with buttons so I thought I would combine the two. Adding buttons to any gift-wrap is a really cute way of adding that bit of special something. I simply tied a coordinated ribbon in a traditional style and glued the button in place with a glue gun. Make sure you only use a small amount of glue as you don’t want it to spread onto the blanket. A quick and easy way of sprucing up a gift!

Crafty Ideas

So one of the new regular features I want to start on the site is “crafty ideas”. Basically they will be ideas for you to add more creativity in your life :-). The ideas will be for things that are fairly straight forward, so don’t really need a full blown tutorial, whilst still being ideas which you can elaborate on and truly make your own. Today is the first one and a very simple one at that…

When sending something to a loved one through the post why not decorate the envelope or package your going to send it in? Not only will it bring a smile to the recipient but i’m sure it will make the postman’s day too. I decorated this padded envelope to send a package to my sister. The beauty of this is, that your design can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, your imagination is the only limit!