Baby week: Some more cards

Another card post today…

My sister in law made the above card, I love the little wooden pegs, mixing materials always gives a cute touch. Alas having a toddler means you have to keep everything out of the way! I caught her just in time as she began to pull the washing line off!


The different types of paper look really effective on this card from our cousin. However again the munchkin got her her hands on it and pulled the stripy tape boarder off!  She did get a telling off, however it’s still cute as a button!


This one was mailed to us from London, it is hand made and bought from a shop, I can’t figure out what the lettering is made out of but I love it all the same!

Handmade cards are a really quick and cute way to add a personal touch to a gift! They can be as complicated or as easy as you like!

Baby week take 2!

We’re back in Dubai! I’ve spent the past week or so adjusting to life with a baby and a toddler, unpacking, and getting used to living in a different country! But I’m back to blogging now and thought I would start off with another baby week (Here’s the first one in case you missed it!). We are really lucky in that we got loads of cute stuff when our son was born, but as you’ve figured out by now I have a particular soft spot for anything handmade! (A big thank you to everyone who gave us gifts, we really are grateful to have such brilliant friends and family!). In particular I loved the hand made cards we received so I thought I would start baby week off with them…

These two cards where given to us by two separate people, however they were made by the same artist! One of my friends had made these for a charity fundraiser that took place a few days after our son was born, funnily enough we received two of them! I love both of them and the needlework is amazing. Also you can get pre made cards that are folded so you can insert a piece of fabric or picture or whatever you want in it…

A rainbow to brighten up your day…

This card was given to me during Ramadaan (Yes, Ramadan, that’s how far I am on blogging!). Some good friends of mine organised an amazing an iftaar party (breaking of the fast), it was full of of amazing food and even better company . Everybody who attended was given one of these cards and some money was given to charity on behalf of everyone who attended. After all Ramadan is the month of giving not only to friends and family but to the less fortunate too…It was a truly heart warming gift and the fact that it was handmade made it all the better!  Of course a heartfelt thank you to the organisers of the Iftaar and the craftswoman behind the card 😉



Today I thought I would post the invites to the baby shower the party from the last post. Whilst I wasn’t really a major part of the actual making of the cards (I was too busy trying to keep my toddler away from all the craft supplies!) I enjoyed being part of the design process. As it was a tea party we thought we would stick with the theme, so floral paper was used and we incorporated bunting and teacups into the design. Here’s the photos:

 The finished product. The play on words is quite clever don’t you think :-)

Crafty kids: Eid catch up #2

I’ve been wanting to introduce this segment for a while, crafty kids, activities you can do for children or with children. My daughter is now officially a toddler so she enjoys craft activities and “sit down” activities a lot so thought I would use this section to share them with you guys!

The first activity I thought I would share is the Eid cards we made, yes “we”, it was a team effort, between the munchkin and I. You may have seen them on Instagram/Facebook, they definitely went down well! Everybody loved them! Here’s a more detailed how to for anyone whose interested…enjoy!


Coloured paper

Prefolded cards

Paints (Paint brushes etc)



Sparkly bits


  •  Trim your pieces of coloured paper to the size of your cards
  • Draw your design onto the pieces, it is a lot easier if your design is symmetrical, it will be much easier to cut out! You can simply fold it in half and draw it/cut it
  • Once you have done one, use that as a template for the others
  • Also make sure you keep the bits you cut out, they can be used for other things too!

  • Now it’s the fun part! Making the picture part of your card, you can paint, stick, draw, use felt tips, crayons, whatever you like! Let your kids have free reign over this part, It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect!
  • Once the pictures have dried, then glue the frames onto the paper, you could probably fit more than one frame on per page.
  • Cut around the frame and carefully glue them to the front of the cards

  • Don’t forget to add some Eid sparkle! You can add glitter,  beads, shiny bits of paper, whatever you have !
  • You can easily adapt these cards to suit your occasion, here’s another variation we did using a heart shape frame and felt tips instead of paint.

Crafty makes: A just because card

My husband went to Dubai over a week ago, I made this card for him, just to let him know how much I appreciate him and everything he does for us. Because sometimes its good to feel appreciated :-).

Crafty idea #21

Another one of the presents I gave my husband on his 30th birthday (check out the other crafty ideas for the other presents). So here is something that strictly speaking I didn’t make myself, in fact the other important lady in my husbands life did. That’s right I couldn’t give my husband 30 presents without including a few from his only child!

Helping your child make a card for a loved one is such an easy way to bring a smile to someones face. In fact my husband said it was his favourite present! This card was really easy to make too. I simply took a “drawing” of my daughters (she was one and a half at the time so the term “drawing” is used very loosely here!) Stuck it on a pre-folded card and then cut out a heart shape from coloured paper to finish it off!

Again you could completely personalise it with different shapes, coloured paper, but as simple as this make is it truly will make someone happy!

Snail mail: For a baby

This little package was sent to a friend and her little munchkin! Unfortunately life gets too busy at times, way too busy, meaning you simply don’t have time to make the social visits you would like to, so sending someone some love in the post is a great alternative (not that I’m saying you shouldn’t visit anyone!).

I made a “just wanted to say” card as opposed to a new baby card as, well it wasn’t for a new born baby anymore! (yes it’s quite shameful).

I included a Debenhams voucher as well as some cute little handmade clips (made by my sister). If you don’t have the time/inclination/skills to make something then a good way of still supporting hand made is by buying from talented people who make handmade stuff.

Yay I actually managed two posts in a week! Have a good weekend everyone!

Snail mail: Get well soon

A while ago one of our cousins was in hospital having an operation on her leg, she is only young so I thought she could do with some mail love to cheer her up.

I made her a card, a big bunch of flowers, with a decorated envelope.

I wanted to send her something more than a card but I wasn’t sure what, she’s at an in-between age where she’s not quite a child but not quite a teen. In the end I decided on a bunch of chocolates, because when your ill it is pretty much the only time your going to get away with eating a lot of chocolate :-)

I packaged it all up and added a splash of colour to the package, and some doily clouds. (Above is an instagram picture, I forgot to take a pic of the package!). Incidentally it got the hospital the day after she left! however luckily for us someone else came to visit her, not knowing she had been sent home, they very kindly passed on the package to the person and they took it to the house. Thank you stranger!

A Birthday Card

This card was probably the most easiest card i’ve ever made, it’s super quick and is very effective so great if you need something last minute! I made this for my sisters birthday, as we were going to be in Dubai when it was her birthday I asked my sister in law to post it out the day before her birthday so she would get it on time. She did.

I saw this idea on instagram a few times and have been dying to try it out, I can’t remember who’s photo stream it was though! (sorry!). Basically you just use washi tape for the bases of the candles and then draw the wick and flame on. The edges of the tape don’t even have to be straight as a candle doesn’t melt in a perfectly straight line does it?